Cancer patient organizations bring case against tobacco industry

Sick of Smoking is receiving more and more support from organizations that are joining the legal challenge against the tobacco industry also from the Dutch Federation of Cancer Patient Organizations (NFK).

The Dutch Federation of Cancer Patient Organizations (NFK) is joining Sick of Smoking by bringing a case against the four biggest cigarette producers in the Netherlands: Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco Benelux and Japan Tobacco International. These manufacturers produce and sell almost all major brands of cigarettes available on the market in the Netherlands. The case specifies grievous bodily harm resulting in death, and deceit through the deliberate manipulation of tests concerning rates of harmful and addictive substances released by cigarettes. NFK is joining the 19 affiliated cancer patient organizations as well as some individual victims of smoking and other organizations who are taking similar cases.

Smoking responsible for 30% of all cancer deaths
“Many people do not realize just how deadly cigarettes are. Some 30% of all deaths from cancer are caused by smoking. People inhale far higher levels of harmful substances than they think. This has to stop now,” says Arja Broenland, director of the NFK. “This is really a landmark case. It makes clear that smoking affects a very wide group of patients. I’m proud that the cancer patient organizations are uniting in their efforts,” says Marlene de Regt of patient organization Longkanker Nederland.

More harmful and addictive
Because of the tiny ventilation holes designed by manufacturers in crucial places, smoking machines register lower yields of harmful and addictive substances than are actually released by cigarettes. The actual rates are generally well in excess of the legally permissible levels. Cigarettes are therefore more harmful and addictive than manufacturers portray. Moreover, the public is misled on the subject.