Film: De Vervangers (“The Replacements”)

The idea of starting a criminal case began with watching a film. Anne Marie was gripped by the documentary “De Vervangers,” about children who have to take the place of dead smokers.

On worldwide No-Smoking Day in 2014, Anne Marie saw “De Vervangers.” The film really touched her heart. It made her realize that her children were not safe either. For the tobacco industry, each child and each young person is a potential new customer. Including Anne Marie’s children. This idea made Anne Marie so furious that she decided to take action. The idea for the criminal case was born. Not to submit a claim for damages, but to have the practices of the tobacco industry stopped. After all, who will protect her children when she is gone?

The film was made by Erwin Kleinjan, himself a smoker for years, who experienced the disastrous consequences of tobacco addition first-hand in his family. Now that he has children of his own, he wants to save them from the trap that tobacco industry sets for them by making smoking look very attractive. In the documentary, Kleinjan searches for the underlying processes that allow the attrac-tion of tobacco to continue unaffected.

The stars of “De Vervangers” are, next to a group of children, Jeffrey “The Insider” Wigand, Pro-fessor Robert Proctor, author of Golden Holocaust and Wanda de Kanter and Pauline Dekker, both pulmonary specialists and founders of Stichting Rookpreventie Jeugd (“Foundation for the Preven-tion of Smoking by Youths”).

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